FREEZEMOD full metal hard tube bending tool all-round bending tube auxiliary 2019 aluminum alloy version.WNWG-T2


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Note: The following figure is an example. It only shows the shape of the bendable part. The product has three different slidable modules to bring different shape of the bend.

The module is made of all-aluminum alloy to ensure that it will not deform under the action of a heat gun,but it is not recommended,because it will be easily burnt.

It is recommended that the customer separately heat the hard tube under the action of a hot air gun and place it on the adjusted mold to shaping.

Product can use with the conventional outer diameter of 12MM, 14MM, 16MM hard tube. Please note that when processing OD16MM hard tube, please use the module to shape. The height of the main body is insufficient to support the outer diameter of 16MM.

The following figures are examples. The red tubes at different angles in the figure are not part of this product. For the convenience of taking pictures, the photos are all select the pre-machined hard tubes, other bending tools are still needed in the actual machining process.




Model: WNWG-T2

Name: full metal all-round bending tool set

Applicable: 12MM/14MM/16MM outer diameter hard tube processing, or other sizes within this range

Specifications: Main body – length 330mm * width 120mm * thickness 7mm,Module – length 140mm * width 20mm * thickness 15mm

Material: aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: anode

Packing list:

Bending tool set *1

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