FREEZEMOD graphics card bracket jack with temperature display double mirror effect slidable module.XKZJ-WD


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Holder for full coverage graphics card block Standard Version

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A, temperature and water blocking plug, the line length is about 50CM, it is convenient to connect this to the tank to measure the water tankActual value
B, temperature display power cord, pluggable, about 50CM
C, indoor temperature sensor, line length is about 100CM, this can be extended outside the chassis to measure room temperature, or placed Inside the chassis, measure the actual temperature inside the chassis. The function and item A are two choices. They cannot be used at the same time.
D, spacer *2, installed under the adjustable slider
E, fixing screw *5, with anode gasket, fixed slider to the bracket, fixing bracket on the chassis, thread 6#32, length about 13mm.
F, adjustable slider, can raise or lower the height of the bottom slider to adapt to different thickness of the graphics card.
Name: Graphics card bracket
Model: ZJ-WDXS
Material: Acrylic PMMA
Specification: 259mm*53mm*8mm
Processing method: CNC CNC machining center, acrylic mirror on the front and acrylic mill in the middle
Sand surface, acrylic mirror on the back. This product is recommended to match the Aurora effect.

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5V RBW AURA, 5V RBW Remote Ctrl, No light