FREEZEMOD Computer water-cooled intelligent water tank Hall flow speed RGB control porous position installation BOX-ZNSX


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Disclaimer: Because the value given by each pump manufacturer is the ideal data of the laboratory, there is no barrier and no loss. However, after installation and use, it will pass through the water channel/heatsink/water-cooling head/joint/many bends, which will bring about a large loss, so there will be a difference between the sensor and the pump parameters. This is normal, please use the pump manufacturer’s The parameters shall prevail.
The function of this product is to visually show the flow of water and the temperature of the water flowing through the sensor. During normal use, sudden changes in flow rate and water flow should be noted.

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Light*1+remote control*1(only for RGB version or rainbow version)

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12V RGB version, 5V symphony version, Standard version