FREEZEMOD Computer water cooling intelligent water tank Hall flow speed RGB control porous position installation. BOX-ZNSX


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Product Description

Special Note: Do not use the water tank drain as the pipeline outlet, otherwise the sensor will not read the value correctly.

Model: BOX-ZNSX smart water tank

Material: PMMA / aluminum alloy / ABS

Size: length 73* width 52* height 165mm

Instructions for use:

(Please carefully identify the functions of each part of the product before use. You can familiarize yourself with this product as soon as possible.)

1. There are two water inlets for the product, which are left/top, and the top can be used to add water in the middle. It is recommended to select the water inlet on the left side.

2. When the water flow enters the flow indicator, the indicator will rotate, depending on the flow rate.

3. The bubbling device below the water flow indicator acts to change the direction of water flow into the water tank, greatly reducing the bubbles formed by the impact force.

4. After the water flows through the water storage area, it will flow into the lower data detection area. After the water flows through the built-in sensing impeller, the sensor attached to the VA liquid crystal display reads the water flow velocity and flow rate through the impeller, and then converts it into a built-in formula. The data is directly displayed on the LCD panel.

5. It must be noted that the water tank drain is forbidden to use the water function, otherwise the value cannot be read normally.

Package list


Remote controller+light*1(For 12V RGB Remote Ctrl only)

AURA Cable+light*1 (For 12V RGB AURA only)

Remote controller+light*1(For 5V RBW Remote Ctrl only)

AURA Cable+light*1 (For 5V RBW AURA only)

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12V RGB AURA, 12V RGB Remote Ctrl, 5V RBW AURA, 5V RBW Remote Ctrl, No light