FREEZEMOD computer water cooler 12MM14MM16MM acrylic tube bending tool mould set 3pcs. AWGM3


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Double male adapter.

  • for 10*14mm acrylic tube
  • for 12*16mm acrylic tube
  • for 8*12mm acrylic tube
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The bending set consists of 45 degrees+90 degrees+180 degrees elbow mould,for OD12MM /OD14MM /OD16MM acrylic tube hot bending,please choose the compatible size when make the order.

ABS plastic material, accurate positioning groove angle, high-gloss polished molds, to ensure the best contact effect between the finished product and the tube

Material: ABS engineering plastics


45 degree elbow mould*1

90 degree elbow mould*1

180 degree elbow mould*1

Note:The plastic tube needs to be heated separately until the tube is softened and then placed on the auxiliary tube bender for bending. Do not directly aim the heat gun at the tube bender for heating. Avoid touching the heating area with your hands directly to avoid burns. Take necessary protective measures during use.

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Weight 0.3 kg

Tube Size

for 10*14mm acrylic tube, for 12*16mm acrylic tube, for 8*12mm acrylic tube


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