FREEZEMOD 90mm fin aluminium computer water discharge liquid heat exchanger radiator. SR-L90F95


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The following is the installation guide for radiator. (the radiator and fan in the guide are for presentation only, not included in this product.)


94*81*25(H)mm (not include the height of water outlet)

aluminium heatsink, 17-20 fins per inch
8 microchannel design
SealingTechnology: vacuum brazing of aluminium
Suitable for 80mm fan, screw hole size: 69.5mm*69.5mm
Color and heat exchange efficiency could be custom made.
Suitable for liquid cooler system for CPU of computer, Industrical frequency conversion driver, laser head, air conditioning evaporator and industrial control cabinet


Model: R80A microchannel water cooler
Materials: aluminium
Dimension: 94*81*25(H)mm
N.W.: 180g
Density of fin: 17 fins/inch
Qty of tube: 8 tubes
SealingTechnology: vacuum brazing of aluminium
Surface treatment: environmentally friendly black lacquer
external diameter of water outlet: Phi9.5mm
water pipe: apply to internal diameter Phi6-8mm Silicon pipe with clip

Reminder: Please always pay attention to the length of the screw, otherwise will destory the bottom of the heatsink.

Accessory screws included

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