Bykski N-GY98TIHOF-X Full Cover Graphics Card Block for GTX980TI HOF


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  • No light
  • RBW(5V)
  • RGB(12V)
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Product Description


Product description:

● The water cooling directly cools the key parts of the core of the graphics card (GPU) and memory (RAM) of the graphics card to ensure the stability of over clocking and keep an excellent temperature. so that customers can use it without hesitation.

● Graphics card water cooling designs by large water flow,it can also meet the demand even if the head of pump is relatively weak.

● The bottom of the water cooling is made of high-purity copper,and prevents the oxidation with the plating treatment, which makes the water-cooling exquisite and beautiful.The top cover is made of high quality POM material or imported acrylic material to ensure the durability of the water cooling.Sealing materials use anti-aging fatigue-resistant high-standard seals,to ensure that the water-head sealing.

●Graphics card water cooling can be free to change the direction, it’s easy for players to set up the SLI system.SLI system can be connected in series or in parallel.

Packing list:

Fittings * 2pcs (Default OD14mm hard tube, for other fittings size please leave message in the order)

Plug *2

Install screw *1set

Remote controller *1 (For RGB/RBW Version only)

Remarks: The full cover block do not include the back plane!!!

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Weight 1.6 kg


No light, RBW(5V), RGB(12V)


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