Imported ITT LOWARA D5 pump core magnetic levitation manual Five files Speed adjust. PU-D5JK


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Import model: DRIVE D5T-38/000
The company model: PU-D5JK
Speed control mode: manual control (tail)
Power connector: 4Pin + small 3pin ( a speed connector)
Maximum flow: 1200L/H
Maximum head: 3.7 meters
Average life: 50,000 hours
Packing list: 
1. Lowara D5 pump core * 1pcs
2. Silicone O ring* 1pcs
3. Assemble Ring * 1pcs

Note: The pump core needs to be used with the pump cover+armor,cannot be used independently.The pump can not run without water.

PU-D5JK is the pump core and must be used with the pump cover+armor as below:PJ-D5BGT / PJ-D5BGH+PJ-D5KJG / PJ-D5KJH,and can be combined with the FREEZEMOD 60MM water tank product.

FREEZEMOD does not assume responsibility for damage to the pump due to incompatible third-party accessories.

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