98mm cylinder water tank OD65mm computer water cooling PMMA body with POM cover. YPH65-98-V2


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Specification of water tank:
1. External diameter: 65mm
2. Internal diameter: 55mm
3. Length: 98mm ± 1mm
4. Materials: Body-PMMA
         Cover-POM high temperature resistant rubber
5. 2pcs PMMA plugs in both covers included.
6. Stainless steel exhaust pipe
Packing list:
1. Tank body * 1
2. Plastic Tank Bracket * 2
3. Metal L-bracket * 2 (Black)
4. Reserve silica gel type O ring * 2
5. Mounting screw * 6


– water tank for all open design, and the upper and lower thread screw removed from the structure of the tools to clean water system
And took cover body adopts imported POM material CNC CNC machining, high quality process, with side double nozzle, bottom unilateral nozzle and cover single nozzle, agile free to design water, walk tube is convenient.
– POM material has good temperature resistance, and the upper and lower cover interface are English G1/4 standard thread interface, compatible merchant all general standard pagoda, fast screw joint, and the material of the high strength, no need to worry about interface and thread occurring deformation and cracking
– the central transparent tube body for heat-resistant modified acrylic material, machining has to do in addition to stress treatment, tube body can short time under 100 degrees temperature does not occur deformation and cracking

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