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FREEZEMOD Computer water cooling temperature monitoring liquid crystal display flow meter flow rate.WDXS-T4
010203040500506 07 Name: Dual temperature display flow rate Model: WDXS-T4 Monitoring range: 0-99 ℃ Voltage: 12V Interface type: small 3Pin Line length: 50cm

Packing list:


Note:the two sets of temperature display readings are read by the built-in two sets of sensors, so It is possible that the room temperature reading will be different with your other temperature test equipment.

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FREEZEMOD Computer water cooling PWM mute pump Maximum head 4m with meter flow 800L/H support RGB AURA PU-FS4M




The pump not only can measure speed, but also control the speed.

Pump Specification: 

Brand: freezemod

Model: PU-FS4M

Rated current: 0.7A

Rated function: 8W

Pump head: 4 meters

Pump flow: 800L/H

Starting voltage: 7V

The highest voltage: 13.5V

No-load speed: 5000RPM

Load speed: 3000RPM

Material: Acrylic pump cover + aluminum armor

Packing List: 

Pump * 1

Remote controller+Convert cable+light*1(For 12V RGB / 5V RBW Remote Ctrl only)

AURA Cable+light*1 (For 12V RGB / 5V RBW AURA only)


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